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We provide customers with a variety of process options and formulate more specific customized solutions for you.

  • 3D


    Products have curved or multi-layer stacking.

  • Cut out

    Cut out

    Cut off unwanted parts to achieve the hollow effect.

  • Double Plating

    Double Plating

    One product plated in two colors.

  • Enamel


    Fill the paint into the product, the product surface has a bumpy feeling.

  • Mirror


    The product surface is smooth and can achieve a mirror-like reflection effect.

  • Plating


    Gives the product the same color or antique color as gold, silver, nickel, etc.

  • Print


    Use of printing processes on the product surface, often for complex or gradient colors.

  • Spinning


    Products can be rotated 360 degrees or fixed angle.


Coin is a collection of high-quality custom coins that are designed to commemorate important events and achievements in various military and law enforcement organizations. These coins are available in a variety of styles, including Air Force Coins, Army Coins, Challenge Coins, Events Coins, Fire Fighter Coins, Marine Corps Coins, Navy Coins, and Police Coins.Each coin is crafted with precision and attention to detail, using only the finest materials to create a lasting tribute to those who serve their country and community.!

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    We believe in professional people doing professional things. We have more than 20 years of manufacturing experience and more than 10 years of foreign trade experience.

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    We have established a professional and perfect service mechanism, from design to production, from QC to Packaging, and from Transportation to Customs Clearance, we provide one-stop service.

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    Based in China, we serve the world, providing high-quality products to customers in over 50 countries.

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  • One-stop Shopping

Advanced Equipment

On The Production Side

The artigifts factory is located metal city in the world--Zhongshan Dongsheng. Our in house computerised engraving & printing facility allows us to offer a superb Engraving & printing option for logos and messages with an extremely quick turnaround time.

On the Equipment and Technology Side

We own professional staff and advanced equipments, including 10 CNC die carving machines, 1000T X 2; 500T X 2; 300T X 2 Oil hydraulic press, 4 Die casting machines and various punching machines.R & D and production capacity.More than 10 years experience in R & D and design, automation, cost saving.

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